Gray Scalable Spotlight: Erin Jensen


A little more information about Erin, who joined us this year as Head of Business Development & Executive Search...


How she got into tech:

Erin holds a BA in English and Computer Applications from the University of Notre Dame. She remains adept with the you’re/your and they’re/their/there distinctions, and also became well versed in COBOL, AOL dial-up technologies and Friendster. She later continued her education at Harvard Business School, where she earned her MBA in 2007.

Erin’s earliest work experience (harking back to high school) spanned manning a flower shop and setting up floral arrangements for weddings, to giving birthday party pony rides and riding other people’s horses in horse shows. She moved into technology when she started her career in Sales & Consulting at FactSet Research Systems in NYC, and from there joined Google, where she led an AdWords sales team in the company’s Retail vertical, and then moved over to YouTube where she was the chief of staff for YouTube’s head of Sales and Marketing. It was there in 2009 where Erin met Charlie Gray when he ran People Operations for the advertising business. They worked together to create and scale up YouTube’s video and display sales team.


Erin’s role at Gray Scalable:

Eight years later, Erin joined the Charlie’s team at Gray Scalable. She manages two critical roles, leading our growing executive search practice, while also taking on the job of managing our development of new business.  

Before joining us, Erin had become a valued part of our partner network while at Riviera Partners. As Charlie said: “We’d been recommending our clients to Erin for exec search for a couple of years, because we knew she would be a great referral. But recently it became clear it would be better if she just joined our team instead!”


Best neighborhood find:

Erin’s favorite find since her start at Gray Scalable, has been her new favorite coffee shop, The Smile in Noho. “It’s the perfect place to meet candidates and clients, whether you want to simply grab a coffee or a longer breakfast / lunch bite!” She also enjoys frequenting an old standby, the Crosby Street Hotel, for their afternoon tea.


Erin’s favorite part of working at Gray Scalable:

“The team!! I joined GS because it offers a holistic way to fully serve our clients (from embedded recruiting to HR consulting, and now executive search) - it means so much to be able to be that true partner through different stages of a company’s growth, addressing people and growth needs for start-ups as well as mature companies.  But more importantly I also joined because the team here is fantastic - all of them at the top of their craft.  I learn new things every day.”


Who she’s crushing on as a potential client:

When asked who she’d love to work with next, Erin says she has a soft spot for Glossier, the digitally native beauty brand here in NYC. She loves what they’ve built in just a few short years, and continues to be blown away by their loyal customer base and fantastic products. “It’s clear they found product-market fit early on, which is so much easier said than done. I truly admire them.”


What she’s up to now:

Erin resides in Greenwich, CT with her husband and two sons. When she’s not navigating Metro North trains, subways, or flights to the west coast, Erin loves playing tennis, accompanying her sons on the occasional class field trip, or squeezing in a Greenwich Crossfit WOD at the beginning of the day. We also learned she has a passion for music and karaoke, and when asked what her go-to karaoke song was, to our surprise Erin shared a setlist on her phone and decided on “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle.