Gray Scalable Spotlight: John Ball


A little more information about John, a Technical Recruiter and Gray Scalable Rock Star...

How he got into HR:                                                                                                                   John holds a BA in Business Administration and is currently finishing his Masters in HR & Organizational Management from Manhattanville College. John’s first job was as a college admissions counselor for Manhattanville, and then he transitioned into a technical recruiter in 1998 as “the internet boom” was in high gear. He started in client development and technical placements on the agency side, before going on to build Engineering and Product teams for  Patch and Aol, Everyday Health, Jibe and Vimeo.

John’s role at Gray Scalable:                                                                                                        John joined the team in January of 2016 and has since hired dozens of engineers, product managers and other tech staff for our client companies. He spends most of his time onsite with hiring managers, working to scale their technical and product teams. John specializes in sourcing and hiring engineering and product talent, and implementing recruiting process for top tech start-ups.

His favorite projects:                                                                                                                  “One of my favorite all time projects was working with Patch/Aol. We had a major recruitment scaling initiative to hire 1,500 people in about six months. I was one of the first technical recruiters so I got a chance to help build a great technical team for them. I got to work with some really outstanding people and learned a tremendous amount about internal recruitment and scaling initiatives overall.   

A recent project I enjoyed was with Spreemo. It gave me the opportunity to work with Andreas Turanski, the CTO of Spreemo Health, for a second time. I had previously worked with him when he was the CTO of Jibe. We were able to build an outstanding engineering team consisting of onsite and remote engineers. Spreemo Health has helped tens of thousands of injured employees at Fortune 500 companies recover better, faster, and more affordably, so it felt good that my recruitment had an impact on helping people get healthier faster.

Olo, the white-labeling ordering platform, was also a great client. Every person I contacted would ask, “what’s Olo?” but then discover this great product with a fantastic engineering team, and a culture that is so sticky that there’s almost no attrition.

It’s also great starting up new gigs! We just started with Aaptiv this week, and are really excited about it.”

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Gray Scalable, John said, “I like working at different client sites and meeting other interesting people in technology. It’s great to have hands-on, current knowledge of the tech job ecosystem in NYC: who’s growing, what’s new, what tech people are using, etc. My teammates at Gray Scalable are also amazing and it’s great to be able to share ideas and learn from one another constantly.”

Some fun facts that John freely shares with anyone who asks:                                                  John has four of the cutest bunnies as pets. He loves to dance salsa and his go-to karaoke song is James Taylor’s Country Road.