Last week, we launched a new Gray Scalable program: Cocktail Roulette.   We meet a lot of people every week - at offices, coffee shops, bars and co-working spaces - and like everyone in the small tech start-up world, we find connections to connections everywhere we go.  And, we love our ecosystem of people and wish we could sometimes just hang out with more of them, but everyone is too busy for random meetings with no purpose.

So we thought it would be interesting to make a big list of friends (salespeople, fellow recruiters and HR people, clients, technologists, former co-workers, and just plain fun people we like to run into) and then select a number of them at random and swarm to a good cocktail bar.  Then mix, stir and see what results. 

This Wednesday the weather was super cooperative and we met at the David Burke Kitchen rooftop bar, with people representing 10 different companies and an eclectic mix of jobs.  Everyone had a great time socializing and finding connections, with no agenda to this event other than to have some drinks and mingle.  Good things happen when good people meet.

The top selling drink was "The Rabbit Hunter" which tasted like a bourbon mojito.   Next event will be early June!    Watch for your invite! 

Charlie GrayComment