Welcome to 2016! New People, New Partners, and a Great Year Ahead

2015 was a big leap forward for Gray Scalable and 2016 is already even better!

For starters, there are now 10 of us!  Our unique and customized approach to providing start-ups with a foundational jump-start to their growth and people practices has become a “thing”, and I often meet people who tell me what we do before I tell them what we do!

We’ve now had an impact on companies at seed stage and series D, from less than 10 employees to 300+.  And most importantly, we are learning new things and having a great time as a team.

I am way overdue in officially and publicly welcoming Aja Deodato to our team, who has already been a huge asset to almost a dozen of our clients.   She’s scaling our ability to deliver training and management coaching and all-around HR strategy and support.  Bec Bliss has also brought her rockstar recruiting skills to the team, and has been growing engineering teams at key clients.   Last but not least, Sam Feldman joined us to bring analytics and polish to everything we do, enabling us to create tools and deliver materials that become long-term assets for our clients.

And, big news!  David Tisch and BoxGroup, who recognized the value and potential of our business through our work with Spring, decided to help us scale bigger and faster by adding us to the BoxGroup portfolio with an investment that’s enabling us to focus on the future as well as the present and to start doing all the things we know we can do.  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with the Box portfolio of companies.

Thanks to the whole team, and thanks to our now 50+ clients for partnering with us! 

Charlie GrayComment