Gray Scalable Spotlight: Eric Tenety


A little more about Eric, Gray Scalable’s Lead Executive Recruiter…


Eric’s role at Gray Scalable

 Eric joined the Gray Scalable team earlier this year to help build our Executive Search function.  He joined Gray Scalable from an international boutique that was also serving early and growth stage tech companies, and he brings over 15 years experience leading executive and board-level searches for clients like Atlas Obscura, Oden Technologies, Plated, Farfetch, Refinery29, Squarespace, Spotify, TransferWise, and many other innovative and disruptive companies.

 Eric finds that executive search, developing new business, and building new relationships all go hand in hand - he’s constantly meeting new founders, investors, and executives, and always looking for ways to help his clients grow by introducing top performers or by helping them better understand the markets in which they operate.

“I love the variety of clients and variety of projects I’m fortunate to work on. I’m always learning about new companies, emerging models, and newly established functions within companies,” Eric expresses. “Also, being able to reach out and access people, and build a relationship with a complete stranger in a way that helps advance their career is something that I have always found to be very rewarding.”


How he got into tech and HR

 Immediately after college, Eric worked in film and production. He started a production company with one of his roommates and was eventually introduced to a father & son team who had a crazy idea to be first time filmmakers. Neither had ever made a movie and, as Eric shared, they were actually looking for a way to improve their relationship, and felt making a movie was a good cover story and much needed distraction. To everyone’s surprise, the film did really well. It won every festival where it was shown, had a major theatrical release, and was nominated for an Academy Award.

 “I had moved to LA for about 6 months to help wrap-up this project and, during this period, I came to the realization that the film biz was just not for me. I was gravitating towards doing something a bit more corporate, and my plan was to move back to New York and begin a new chapter in my life, but I wasn’t quite sure how this would take form. During lunch with a friend who was a very successful Search Consultant, he shared that he felt I had the right disposition and aptitude for this type of work, and suggested I look into areas of Executive Search that intersected with my interests. I was fascinated with New York’s emerging tech scene, felt this might be a good fit, and found and successfully approached a retained search firm that was very active in this area. The first project I was asked to help with was with a start-up that, for the first time, was trying to stream live content over the internet and then sell ads against this content. Not a big deal today, but ground breaking at the time and helped get my foot in the door.”

Eric is really excited about applying his expertise to Gray’s existing client base, and feels the addition of Executive Search to the Embedded Recruiting function is a very powerful combination.

 “Every C or VP-level executive I’ve ever placed has invariably asked for assistance in scaling their teams, or for compensation or market-based banding data as they build the team. I’m thrilled that I can now offer such a seamlessly delivered and highly integrated solution that provides these services and more.”


Eric’s favorite part of working at Gray Scalable

“When I made the decision to transition from my previous firm, I had a pretty good understanding of what was most important to me - people first, platform second. It was important that I align myself with a good group of people who actually live the values they promote, but were also highly capable and effective at what they do. I knew coming in that the Gray team is a very friendly, vibrant, collaborative group; the culture here is amazing and it facilitates great work on the client side.”

“Also it doesn’t hurt that our SoHo office isn’t too far from my favorite healthy place to grab lunch, Hu Kitchen.”


What he’s up to now

 Eric is recently married and enjoying life as a newlywed. He and his wife reside on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and both enjoy a full life consisting of family, friends, and two mini dachshunds. When not in the city, they pack up the pups and head upstate or down the shore.