Introducing Resources +Humans!

Start-up founders often say that hiring is their most important job. It’s true that the talent they bring to the company will make or break their business. But the value of that talent doesn’t end on their first day at work - and while attracting those people is critical, keeping them happy, engaged, and productive is critical on an ongoing basis.

Many early-stage companies don’t know where to start when it comes to the administrative nuts and bolts of the “people” side of the org - or how to successfully manage and develop their people and be purposeful about forming their culture. Whether you’re very small or scaling rapidly, taking the time to do things thoughtfully will give you a solid foundation on which to build and expand your policies and practices.

That’s where Resources +Humans comes in - our first product specifically designed for early stage companies, who don’t need big consulting engagements but could really use some as-needed guidance on baseline HR fundamentals.

It’s an extensive HR 101 guidebook, covering topics such as onboarding best practices (and checklists!), how to think about compensation and benefits, the best People Ops tools, and how to approach both friendly exits and tense terminations. In addition, you can have access to three hours/month of phone consultations with one of our consultants to get further guidance on topics as needed. This is not for experienced People Ops professionals, who (we hope!) will know much of what we include in our toolkit. The target user is either a first-time HR person who’s taken on these new responsibilities, or a founder or other exec who is responsible for the People stuff but needs more information and guidance.

This is the first time Gray Scalable has developed a subscription product, and we'd love to hear any feedback about it!

Charlie GrayComment