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erin Jensen, Head of Executive Search and Business Development 

Erin has led recruiting, sales, and eCommerce teams for the last 13+ years, in addition to having started and invested in startups in NYC and the Bay Area. As an executive recruiter leading her own practice and also at Riviera Partners, she has been a trusted counselor to senior leaders at technology companies large and small on maximizing the value and experience of their employees.

Having worked within global organizations such as Google and YouTube, as well as within startups in both operational and people-focused roles, Erin understands the requirements different business models place on their people, partners, and customers. Her experience growing and retaining high performing teams, leading eCommerce businesses, and devising marketing and business development strategies gives her the unique skillset for tackling a wide range of challenges during a startup's building and growth phases.

Erin earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in English from the University of Notre Dame.