Gray Scalable Stories


Ryan Elberg


Head of

Talent Acquisition at

Data Dog

"Not only did she find me my dream job that meshed with my career ambitions (GO DATADOG!), but she represented the brand and value effectively each step along the way. Having recruited many people myself, I appreciate the nuanced approach Deb took with my candidacy. She was completely transparent, knowledgeable and a superb representative of both my employer, Datadog, and I. The chatter around the office is she did a fantastic job with the other roles she was tapped to fill and I recommend her work wholeheartedly."


Nick Sanchez
Chief People Officer at Namely

"Deb has a depth of knowledge in HR, start ups, and high growth companies. She is professional, seasoned, and human. Namely has partnered with Gray Scalable for over a year and we will continue to collaborate with Deb. Her expertise will help us continue to scale. Thanks Deb!"


Joe Letizia
Software Engineer at Harry's Grooming

"Working with Bec and Emily was far and away the best recruiting experience I've been apart of. I've worked with many recruiters as a candidate in my career; having previously seen things go horribly wrong, working with a team that made the process seamless, comfortable, and relaxed was amazing. Whenever I have questions about the market or general career advice, I reach out to Bec. There's no games or shady approaches. Everything is straight forward and honest, putting you as the candidate in a place where you can consider what matters: your career."

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