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Build A More Human Interview Process With ChatGPT

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A.I. can serve as a useful tool to structure interviews, save time and accelerate the partnership between hiring managers and recruiters.

A key part of a great hiring manager and recruiter partnership is getting organized around the hiring process. When recruiters step into intake meetings with hiring managers holding a developed interview process, those hiring managers will in turn head into interviews more prepared. The result is a more human candidate experience, better assessment, and, ultimately, more successful hires!

As a leading provider of embedded recruiting services and executive search, Gray Scalable understands the importance of building a structured and effective interview process for startups and growth-stage companies. Our recruitment consulting team is always evaluating the latest tools, technologies, and tactics to optimize the hiring process, allowing us to spend more partnership time with our client hiring managers. 

With ChatGPT, we have achieved significant efficiencies that will allow you to devote more time to the crucial aspects of hiring for your position that require the most attention.

As early adopters and current superfans, we can confidently say this technology is nothing short of magical for getting an effective interview process off the ground.  So magical that we don’t want to keep it all to ourselves. Here are some of our favorite tips on using ChatGPT to efficiently create a best-in-class interview process. 

Tailor Your ChatGPT Experience to Fit Your Company’s Unique Hiring Needs

A quick word of caution before we dive in: These tips will give you instant and impressive results. It’s critical to tailor the results to fit the unique needs of each job, department, company, and hiring team.

We already highlighted how important partnership is — this is where it comes in. If you are a recruiter, we highly recommend partnering with your hiring manager or executive team, especially when selecting key core competencies.  

it is important to be aware of potential biases and ensure they are not present in any aspect of the interview process, whether the input is from a human or Artificial Intelligence. This is crucial to ensure fairness and equity in the selection process.

With that, off we go — here are 6 ways ChatGPT can help recruiters and hiring managers to build a great interview process:

  1. Identify Core Competencies
    Focusing on the right skills can play a pivotal role in an effective interview process. ChatGPT easily generates a comprehensive skill list for you. Keep in mind that ChatGPT can sometimes provide more verbose responses than needed, so make sure to ask it to return short answers for the best results:

    Identify core compentencies on ChatGTP

  2. Create Hiring Rubric
    ChatGPT’s Rubric capabilities lay out foundational guidance to help interviewers more easily map candidates by level using the competencies. This is where the “chat” part of ChatGPT is amazing — the tool will remember the competencies from the first question, so just ask it to reference them! Again this is a great start, so we recommend dropping this in a shared doc and ensuring the interview team puts a healthy amount of time into making this their own:

    Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 4.19.28 PM

Other ChatGPT Functions and Capabilities 

Beyond establishing competencies and developing a Rubric, ChatGPT offers a wide range of other valuable capabilities. Users can:

  1. Build a library of interview questions
  2. Generate a feedback form
  3. Create an interview plan template for interviewers
  4. Improve the overall candidate experience by creating a guide

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