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Pay People Fairly.

Ensure your Total Compensation strategy is internally equitable and externally competitive. 

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There is a lot of compensation data floating around. How do we build a usable structure from that data that makes sense for our company?
What’s the best way to communicate our compensation strategy to our managers? To all employees?
Levels & Titles
We have a mix of titles and levels on different teams - how do we make sure we're being consistent in our benchmarking?
Our company has a remote-friendly policy, and employees who are moving around. How should we think about geography and pay?
Pay equity is a priority for our team: how do we measure whether we are paying people fairly?


Data-Driven Decisions

The startup ecosystem is highly competitive, and the market for talent is in a state of evolution. Our compensation service provides the strategy, market data and custom tools to manage pay practices in a way that is externally competitive as well as internally fair and consistent. These deliverables allow our clients to have a data-supported salary review process, set competitive recruiting budgets, and correct for any internal inequities.

Compensation & Levels

We evaluate and analyze your team across levels and teams, utilizing proprietary market data, and providing the following services:
Market Data 
Market-based salary ranges for all levels and job functions in the U.S. in all geographies, calibrated to competitive size and stage.
Pay Equity
We analyze your team according to gender and ethnicity, to ensure your pay practices are fair, consistent and free of bias.
We provide advice and best practices for compensation planning and management, with a total rewards perspective, including bonus and equity.
We create a level structure based on your employee data and market conventions for all of the company’s key job families, that will last for 2-3 years of growth.
We create custom visualizations and presentation materials to  communicate with managers and all employees about compensation principles and positioning, as well as process and expectations.
Compensation Tools
We will build a custom tool for leadership to manage all ongoing compensation changes, in line with market, employee levels, and individual performance.
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