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Workshops & Trainings

We offer both off-the-shelf and fully customizable skill-based workshops & trainings - all can be tailored for leadership, managers, or an all-staff audience. Trainings are fully customizable and usually cover topics specific to your company and the roll-out of an initiative. Workshops are generally smaller, more interactive, and focus on the development of specific skills via guided practice.

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Custom Workshops and Trainings 

We build your organization's skills with off-the shelf-workshops and fully customized trainings, focusing on a skill, goal, or rollout of a new initiative. Our most popular offerings include:

Management 101

For first-time managers or experienced leaders looking for a refresher in managerial skills.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Learn to make the best out of a tough conversation with tips for communicating with clarity.

Interview Training

Improve your interviewing skills (and assess your process) to attract top talent.

Employee Development

Support employee growth - use the team you have today to build the team you will need in the future.


Learn to provide feedback that is constructive, valuable and actionable.

Engineering for Recruiters

Give your recruiters an understanding of technology, allowing them to accurately assess candidate compatibility with open tech roles.

Effective 1:1s

Communicate with purpose and empathy during 1:1 meetings with direct reports

Broadening the Recruiting Funnel

Learn what it means to diversify the recruiting funnel, to get a wider group of people to and through your interview process.

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