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Workshops & Trainings

We offer both off-the-shelf and fully customizable skill-based workshops & trainings - all can be tailored for leadership, managers, or an all-staff audience. Trainings are fully customizable and usually cover topics specific to your company and the roll-out of an initiative.  Workshops are generally smaller, more interactive, and focus on the development of specific skills via guided practice.

No matter the format, all offerings can be done independently or complementary to other HR consulting services.  For example, we can work with you to create core job competencies and a performance review process, followed by a workshop on feedback best practices and the new reviews process.

Our most popular topics:  

  • Management 101 (best practices of good management)

  • Interview Training

  • Respect At Work (Anti-harassment/legal training)

  • Feedback

  • Effective 1:1s

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Development

  • Communicating Compensation and Promotions

  • Team Coaching

  • Diversity & Inclusion

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HR Programs

We can create or refine any HR program so that it fits your size, stage, and specific requirements, and is built to scale as needed. For most engagements we’ll do an assessment, create a map of recommended areas of focus, and work with you on the creation and roll-out of solutions. Areas of focus include:

  • Performance management (picking the right process and questions, tools, and communication plans)

  • Onboarding

  • Policies (assessments, recommendations, implementation)

People Analytics

Our People Analytics team can help you assess your organization and create data-based plans on how to grow thoughtfully and intentionally.  We can provide customized analysis of:

  • Recruiting reporting & dashboards

  • Engagement surveys

  • Employee attrition

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Workforce planning

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Levels & Compensation

Our team will work with you to analyze your compensation and align your pay practices with the competitive market. Comp engagements generally include any or all of the following:

  • Market-based analysis of your current compensation positioning

  • Creation or refinement of salary bands for key job families

  • Organization planning, and review of level and title structure

  • Strategic review of compensation principles including equity mix and total rewards

  • Competency matrices to define job levels and career ladders

  • Tools for merit review process and budget planning

  • Bonus plans and equity modeling

  • Materials and data visualizations for management and employee communications

Strategic Consulting

Our senior HR consultants can work with your HR or leadership team around any short or long-term needs that arise as your organization grows.  Consulting engagements commonly include:

  • Interim Head of HR

  • Executive team support

  • Leadership offsite support

  • Light coaching

  • Change management

  • Leadership 360s

  • Organizational alignment and goal-setting

  • Values identification

Toolkits & Guides

We’ve drawn on our experience working with over 50 companies to offer a variety of guides that either stand on their own or as part of a larger engagement. We currently offer:

  • HR Beginner’s Manual

  • Manager Toolkit

  • Onboarding Playbook

  • Customized Employee handbooks

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