Partnership Hiring: Get it Right from the Start

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One of the phrases that I hear most frequently when kicking off a new role is, “we need to hire this person yesterday”. My response in these scenarios is always the same: challenge accepted.  

Hiring Managers: I hear you. Delivering on your team's annual goals is dependent on hiring the right people onto your team. You're already swamped with your day-job and now hiring is a whole other important (and time-consuming) job - one that you may feel should fall mainly on the recruiter you’re working with. The truth is, though, not treating the hiring process like a part of your job is a huge missed opportunity when you’re trying to move quickly to hire someone who can help your team move the needle.


Speed is crucial, but not nearly as critical as quality. I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to get both out of your hiring process, as long as you invest the time upfront and throughout to help your recruiter connect with the right candidates on the front end and understand your needs in order to move candidates quickly and efficiently through the process.

Here’s how you can come prepared to arm your recruiter with all the information they need to find you the perfect candidate:

This one is fairly obvious, but you should come prepared with a job description and a clear understanding of how the role fits into your team, as well as information like: level, budgeted base salary (and target base, if you have one in mind), bonus target and structure.

This is where you get to dream up your ideal candidate. Some things to consider:

  • Specific background, experience or expertise?
  • Companies to target? Companies to avoid?
  • Flexibility around level – where should s/he have deep expertise & experience vs. developmental areas?

Here’s where you think about who needs to weigh in, and confirm your interviewers and stakeholders.

When asked, most people will tell you that the thing they love most about their job is the people. And, this is often the critical factor that makes candidates choose one job over others. It’s essential for your recruiter to have an understanding of your team, both to inform candidates and to find the right fit. Come ready to talk about:

  • Organizational structure of your team
  • Team dynamic – the team culture and personalities
  • Role of your team within the company & key cross-functional teams/partners
  • Skills of your existing team – should this hire complement or supplement these skills
  • Any other members of the team you would recommend your recruiter meets with to get another perspective?

Investing in a great partnership with your recruiter gives them the tools they need to better understand the role and adjust to your likes/dislikes/personal recruiting philosophy in order to find you the best possible candidates and, ultimately, avoid wasting your time and energy on candidates who just can’t move the needle for your team.

written by Katie Moriarty, Recruiting Consultant

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