The Top 6 Things about the Past 6 Months at Gray Scalable

by Charlie Gray
March 4, 2015

#6    Our mission and message became clear.  We’ve offered a variety of services to lots of companies in the past few years, and with that experience to guide us we now know how all of it ties together:   We Build HR for Start-ups.  (We do it several different ways)

#5    I experienced a real milestone in my career last fall when I was invited to speak to the talent team at the White House about start-up talent, hiring and development.  I’ve worked with impressive people, but that was huge.    

#4    We got real, with a new office (Tech Space Union Square!) - and we did for ourselves what we do for some of our clients: we set up our PEO, and offered our employees great benefits and perks.

#3    We did important things for some of our long term clients, like helping with key hires at Dstillery and SoundCloud.   These return engagements have kept these relationships going for 2 ½ years.

#2    We started working with a bunch of new clients, like Spring, Wooga, Namely, Oscar, Intent Media and more.  We work with amazing companies!

#1     We grew our team by 150%   Emily joined us back in December, and now Rose and Kainne make us 5.    

2015 is going to be great!  


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