Gray Scalable 3.0

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” Reid Hoffman’s quote has become increasingly relevant to me as my little company grows and matures.  I look back on some of the challenges of my first year - developing things from scratch for each new client, working out the logistics of multiple workplaces and managing part-time subcontractors - and I take comfort in the hindsight that can frame these as necessary stages of evolution for a company that aspires to do things in a new and better way.  Experiments that had to happen (some successful, some not).  

We’re a service business, not a product business, but three years in we are now launching Gray Scalable 3.0, with dramatic upgrades to our UI and our efficiency.  Last year’s 2.0 added key team members and solidified the “service products” we offer our clients - now, we are prepared to really offer the depth and polish and long term value to these companies that were nothing but aspirational back in 2012, when we could only focus on plain and simple results. 

The past few months have brought more great and diverse talent to the team, a new office, a new ATS, lots of exciting new clients and partnerships - and even new funding!  
We are so excited about the next year.   Stay tuned for more details.