Gray Scalable Spotlight: Emily Kraft

As a Tech Recruiting Consultant, Emily spends about half her time recruiting, mainly for engineering roles (anywhere from junior to executive), and half consulting, working with our clients to evaluate, measure, and iterate on their interview processes.

Her clients love her data-driven and thoughtful approach to recruiting - and have a hard time letting her leave at the end of her engagements! She build strong relationships with her clients and becomes a valued part of their team. As one of her teammates put it, “this girl runs meetings like a boss!”

Her favorite projects?

Spring was my first client - the leaders I partnered with had this awesome mix of strong leadership ability and humility. It was incredibly exciting to help them build their team from the ground floor.  They’ve gone from 30 employees to now over 100 and continue to be successful in a tough market - it’s been so rewarding to watch them grow!

Working with BuzzFeed has been fun because we got to work with engineering leadership to re-build their interview process from scratch. It's unusual to get to build a new process at a company as established and large as BuzzFeed!

On the flip side, I've worked with Namely on and off and have done more recruiting there than consulting, which I’ve also really enjoyed. It’s exciting to work on an HR product for HR people - one that is still being built and constantly evolving.

Last year I worked with Harry's and enjoyed them a lot, too, specifically because they're a company of really smart people that think critically about interviewing and hiring.”

Not only has Emily helped many of our clients hire some amazing engineers - as Scalable employee #3, she has also been an integral part of establishing Gray Scalable's tech recruiting process and brand. She continues to act as a sort of “social glue” that brings the Gray Scalable team together as more of a family than colleagues. For example, Emily brought the Gray Scalable team to Seattle this past weekend to celebrate her wedding! Congratulations, Emily and Nick!!!