Making Sense of HR Technology Options

Charlie Gray

The world of start-up HR has evolved a lot in the past few years, and the change has been dramatic from our vantage point as providers of HR consulting and recruiting services.   Many companies are now hiring HR leaders earlier in their growth than they used to - instead of waiting until they approach the 100 person mark, they're recognizing they need specific expertise in people and talent sooner to scale up well.
And at the same time, the universe of HR, recruiting and management tools has multiplied 5-10x for small to medium companies.   My team advises our clients on the best tools for the right stage of their business, and over time we’ve come to see the need for our own “Lumascape” of select HR products just to keep track of them all in a semi-organized way.  
We thought this was worth sharing with the world.  If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please share with us -