Gray Scalable Spotlight: Sam Feldman

A little more about our people analytics manager Sam, or, as our teammates call her, “Spreadsheetz”, or  “sheetz” for short….

How she got into HR & people analytics:
Sam got into HR a few years after college. She started off as a conference event planner in financial services, which led to campus recruiting roles in both banking and media.  From there, she moved into recruiting program management. All the while, her favorite thing to do was the tracking, analyzing and reporting for each of these positions, which (with the help of some great managers and mentors) led to doing people analytics work full time.  

Sam rounded out her skills by getting a masters in analytics from NYU, which she finished this past spring (she’d like to also say thank you to her teammates for their support - and for celebrating heavily with her when it was finished!)

Any other jobs you’ve held?
Sam’s had a wide variety of jobs, starting in high school.  Here’s a select assortment in graph form!


How she got to Gray Scalable:
Sam also opted to hand draw her answer here -


Sam’s role at Gray Scalable:
Sam joined Gray Scalable in August 2015. As the people analytics manager, she focuses on helping clients make better HR decisions using data, primarily focusing on compensation design, recruiting reporting, and survey analysis. She also spends a lot of time on internal operations projects and writes many of our blog posts.

Her favorite office pastimes are explaining herself with whiteboard graphs, trying to make it warmer in the office without anyone noticing, and wondering how early is too early for lunch.

Her favorite projects:
Sam’s worked with over 25 companies at this point, and it’s hard to pick a favorite client engagement. In lieu of trying to name favorites… here are some superlative awards:

Best ViewIntersection and Cheddar
Best SnacksBuzzfeed (frozen yogurt machine!)
Best Swag: Harry’s
Cutest: Bark&Co (puppies everywhere)
Cool Factor: The Players’ Tribune and Livestream

One of her favorite projects is actually an internal one - the annual recruiter survey.  While procrastinating grad school assignments one weekend, she sent Charlie an email pitching the idea, and was off and running with it that week.  The annual surveys have become some of our most visited sites and have helped companies understand how start-up recruiting works. Check out the results to this year’s survey, here.

What Sam’s up to now:
Sam’s currently working with two great clients (The Players’ Tribune and Cheddar), helping out with a few other companies, and working on some of our internal business operations as well.    

When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring Brooklyn with her husband Steve, crossword puzzles, good bourbon cocktails, and anything produced by Ken Burns.