Welcoming Clubhouse to the Gray Scalable Community


Clubhouse is a project management platform that allows software teams to track their daily progress within the context of the big picture goals of your company. The product allows individual developers and teams the ability to filter all of the way down to individual tasks and it also allows the C suite to pull back and track high-level progress throughout the quarter and year, providing visibility into the engineering roadmap for all levels of the organization.

The story behind Clubhouse started at Intent Media, where Clubhouse co-founders Andrew Childs and Kurt Schrader watched the company scale from five to hundreds of employees. As they scaled, they saw their product management tools begin to fail to meet the growing needs of their engineering team. Andrew and Kurt set out to alleviate their team’s frustrations and improve the developer's experience with their existing tools, so Andrew built a UI layer to sit on top of their existing toolset. Tl;dr, it was a success and the team’s adoption made it clear that there was an opportunity in the market to turn it into a standalone platform.

“I think one big thing that we have tried to do from the very beginning is design the product so that every level of the organization can see what is happening. You can go from ‘what do I as a developer need to be working on?’ to ‘what are the 4-5 things we are building this quarter and how are we doing?’ We want everyone to be able to just do their work.” - Kurt Schrader

Clubhouse’s product has resonated so well with their clients that they have been able to scale to over 700 paying customers simply through word of mouth. Unsurprisingly, word of Clubhouse’s product reached the ears of Battery Ventures who approached the team to discuss investing in the product. Clubhouse announced earlier this week that Battery recently led a $10M series A.

Following their raise, Clubhouse approached Gray Scalable to help them grow. One of the most rewarding things about our model at Gray Scalable is getting to work with teams that haven’t yet had formal recruitment support. At Clubhouse, we get to work closely with Andrew, Kurt and the team to help build the recruiting function from the ground up. From sourcing & recruiting strategies to designing interview training, interview processes and hiring matrices, we get to do it all! To top it all off, the team is just as excited and eager to partner with us, and have proven themselves to be dream partners!

Right now, we’re working with them to grow out their engineering team. We’re on the search for a Senior Front End Engineer, Senior  Clojure Engineer, as well as a Senior iOS Engineer. As a Senior Front End Engineer, you’ll get to help do things like design and build out new features and data visualizations, help build out the front end architecture and help the team continue setting up a robust testing infrastructure. On the other hand, as a Senior iOS Engineer, you’ll get to work in React native as the second mobile engineer to help continue shipping new features, all the while helping the mobile app move closer to the functionality of the web app.

At Clubhouse, you’ll find that the team is incredibly down to earth, humble and friendly! There is a ton of collaboration, as half of the team works remotely - so being able to work effectively whether you’re at the office in Union Square or working from home is really important. The company is at a compelling point in their journey where their product has clearly proven itself, but they’ve got big goals for their future. Anyone joining the team has an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their individual roles and on the company.

Our experience at Clubhouse has been nothing but positive and we hope to partner with them long term! It’s clear that in the world of project management tools and platforms, many have tried to solve what continues to be the same pain points, but it’s clear that Clubhouse is onto something remarkable, and we can’t wait to see where they’re at in a year!


To learn more about the exciting opportunities at Clubhouse or to talk about how to join the team please reach out to Bec Bliss at bec@grayscalable.com or Elise Sun at elise@grayscalable.com.