Gray Scalable Spotlight: Bec Bliss

A little more information about Bec, a Technical Recruiting Consultant and Tech Hunter-Gatherer...

How she got into HR:                                                                                                                   Bec studied anthropology at the University of Melbourne in Australia and has spent her career building engineering, product and sales teams for startups in New York. She started as a contingency recruiter before joining XO Group Inc., where she built out the engineering team and implemented recruiting process and operations.

Bec’s role at Gray Scalable:                                                                                                           Bec joined the Gray Scalable Team in August of 2015 (Happy Two-Year!). She specializes in sourcing and hiring engineers and implementing recruiting process for top tech firms in the New York City. Bec also manages Gray Scalable’s internal sourcing team.

“My job is to be a bit of a chameleon, adding support or process tailored to each client's specific recruiting challenge. I've had some clients that have excellent processes in place and a wonderful employment brand, and other clients that have no recruiting support or are new to the scene. Sometimes that's doing classic engineering recruiting and others it's designing process, doing interview training, setting up an ATS, or building an employment brand. In truth, it's why I love the job so much: each client has a new problem to tackle.”

Her favorite projects:                                                                                                                    “All of them. I know, I know, but really! Each one of my clients has been an amazing partner, making me feel like a true member of their team. It's been incredible to see the results and metrics improve at each client and that's the result of a healthy partnership between Gray Scalable and the client. However, working for BarkBox did have some really snuggly perks! If I ever had a stressful day there was always a puppy around happy to have a cuddle.”

Bec’s favorite part of working at Gray Scalable:                                                                             “I love that we're a close-knit team - despite the fact that we're usually only in the same office once weekly. I feel as much support and fellowship from this team as I have in places where I worked alongside my teammates every day.”

What she’s up to now:                                                                                                                  Bec currently resides in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, dog and a small urban farm in the backyard. She loves to travel and never leaves home without her passport and a deck of cards.