Gray Scalable Spotlight: Rose Alvarez


A little more information about Rose, our Sourcing and Operations Consultant and favorite Wearer of Many Hats

How she got into HR:                                                                                                                 Rose joined Gray Scalable in February 2015, as the fourth team member. Her first job was as a pre-school teacher near her hometown, Berkeley Heights:

“I love kids and the job was fun but I felt like something was missing. I wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of NYC. After getting a taste of administration at a fast-paced startup, I knew I wanted to learn more about HR. A family friend introduced me to Charlie, and after speaking with him about what he was building and what I could learn, I knew it was the best opportunity for me and I've never looked back!”

Rose’s role at Gray Scalable:                                                                                                           As an early Gray Scalable employee wearing the above-mentioned many hats, Rose was instrumental in helping set up and establish our core business operations. She continues to help us all stay organized and takes great care of us. As we've grown, she has specialized as a Sourcing and Operations Consultant, spending her time searching for the perfect candidates for our clients.

Here’s what Rose has to say about her ever-evolving roles here: “What surprised me the most about working at Gray Scalable was how collaborative, transparent and helpful everyone has been here. I think these are the qualities that have helped me develop and continue to grow.

My proudest moment was my first tech hire. It was a difficult position to fill and took a lot of work but it was SO worth it and made me want to go out and get more!!”

Her favorite projects:                                                                                                                  “I've really enjoyed collaborating with Bec Bliss and helping out at Buzzfeed. We have been helping them out for over a year and they are great to work with. I've taken on tech coordinating there as well, making sure our candidates who come in have a great experience from the moment they enter the building till the moment they leave!

I've also enjoyed implementing, along with Charlie, Cocktail Roulette at Gray Scalable. Every couple months we gather clients, colleagues and candidates at random to enjoy a night of cocktails and conversation!” 

Some fun facts about Rose:                                                                                                             Rose was once on a Rachel Ray Makeover Show, rocking an Oscar look a la Kate Winslet. Rose is a lover of all things Hamilton and could never turn down a glass of rosé (frozen or chilled).