A little more information about Drew, or Drewski, our Head of Technical Recruiting...

Drew’s role at Gray Scalable:

Drew joined Gray Scalable in July of this year as the Head of Technical Recruiting. He oversees all embedded tech recruiting engagements and works hard to ensure that his team has everything they need to properly do great work for our clients.

In addition to managing his team, Drew looks across all of our Gray Scalable clients to find solutions to common problems and trends, to ensure they’re gaining access to what’s working in the insanely competitive race for hiring developers. Drew is excited to have earned Charlie’s trust in taking on responsibilities in scaling such an important part of the business.

“I look forward to the challenge and responsibility of managing a strong, smart, independent and eclectic group of recruiters, everyone has a very different style, experience and they come from different backgrounds. Our range of in-house talent helps us attack a variety of tough tech recruiting challenges constantly popping up across a diverse group of clients.”

How he got into HR:

After his first job in technology sales and some experience in a recruiting agency, Drew was eventually hired by a client on the corporate side. He spent time working and progressing through different companies and startups, and was lucky enough to build a career in the tech community as the tech scene in NYC really flourished.

Prior to joining the GS team, Drew spent 2+ years building his own recruiting-tech start up. After some time, Drew decided to move back to the human side of the HR business, “Being a founder was an amazing experience, when it was time to find my next challenge Gray Scalable was an obvious fit. Gray Scalable has the best business model in the recruiting business, period. We service clients as true partners in a way that creates lasting value that they appreciate. It’s not just about making hires, it’s about building a progressive, data-first culture of tech recruiting that lasts long beyond the engagement.

Our model allows our consultants to make an impact across the full recruiting life cycle of a client’s company. Tech recruiting consultants are viewed as experts, which empowers them to cut through the typical hiring gridlock that you might find as an internal recruiter. They care about technology and approaching the community, and developers the right way. We are patient, and listen to candidate’s goals to match them to the right the job, instead of trying to match a job to a bunch of key words on a resume.  We sit on site at clients, work with them throughout the entire process, and it makes the tech recruiting consultant job a fulfilling experience.”

Drew’s favorite part of working at Gray Scalable:

“The dedication and capability of our employees here that are earlier in their career - everyone is supporting the recruiting team, everyone is willing to take on more responsibility, which has allowed us to take on more as a company as we grow to find new clients. While we have an amazing group of folks on the tech recruiting team, we have a really strong team as a whole at GS. This is a very challenging place to work, you would think that we have a really experienced team, but it’s a great place to start early and then to grow and develop faster than your peer group, especially in the role that you have, and in the career that you want to build.”

What he’s most excited about:

Drew is the most excited to continue to build the tech recruiting team at Gray Scalable. Naturally, he is enjoying the challenge  of finding the absolute best tech recruiters in New York and LA, “because of the quality of our work and reputation that we’ve built at Gray Scalable, our clients present some very challenging projects that require an individual who is extremely passionate about technology and recruiting as a craft, someone who wants to work independently, and really push themselves to be an expert tech recruiter. They’re trusted with a lot of responsibility, leadership and have the latitude to help our clients make critical hiring decisions on their own.”

Some fun facts about Drew:

Drew has three amazing kids, and lives on the Jersey shore, just five minutes from beach. He is obsessed with soccer and plays about three times a week. He is proud of his experience building companies from the ground up, including his startup Upsider, and was the first ever employee at American Express’s first joint-venture, Vente-Privee USA. One of his weirdest and fun job experiences was working at Cheers in Boston during college...