Do You Know How to Negotiate Your Worth?

Dana Wilde, radio host and author of Train Your Brain, interviews Talent Acquisition Expert and Gray Scalable Co-Founder, Deb Feldman, about how to value your experience, skills, and talents and make sure you're getting paid what you're worth!


The video originally appeared on The Mind Aware, live with Dana Wilde .

More about Deb Feldman: 
As Gray Scalable's Principal Consultant and Co-Founder, Deb leads client engagements and manages internal operations for our team. She leads our business recruiting practice, helping our clients hire in sales, marketing, operations, HR, and recruiting. Along the way, Deb plays an internal People Operations role while on embedded, onsite engagements at clients, helping to build/optimize scalable people programs. 

Deb brings 15+ years of in-house HR and Talent Acquisition experience, having held leadership roles at startups and large organizations, including Google, Unilever, and Recyclebank. Deb loves to sing, run, and cook, and lives with her husband and 3 sons in New Jersey.