Gray Scalable Spotlight: Brett Moskowitz


A little more about Brett Moskowitz, Gray Scalable’s Head of Client Partnerships and Growth…

Brett’s role at Gray Scalable

As the Head of Client Partnerships and Growth, Brett is primarily responsible for pursuing strategic opportunities and cultivating partnerships. He seeks out interesting growth stage tech companies who are looking to scale and need help developing their people operations.

When asked what he specifically looks for in clients, Brett said, “I’m looking for clients that we can truly partner with. In the initial stages, I work to understand their needs and how our team can help with the challenges that they’re currently facing as well as anticipate future needs. At Gray Scalable, one of the ways we differentiate ourselves is that we’re not just a transactional agency - our collaborative approach helps us solve client’s current needs as well as helping to build the best system & processes for the long term as well.”  


How he got into the HR/Tech Startup world:

Brett graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in psychology. He considered pursuing psychology as a career, but soon found himself in the early days of the tech scene at Yahoo. He was really attracted to the young, fast growing company and how they were changing the way people communicate.

He went on to spend seven years working within various sales roles at other seminal Web 1.0 companies, Microsoft and AOL, that helped form the foundation of a valued network of friends and future business leaders. Brett was excited to leverage that experience in the startup world and go somewhere where he could have a greater voice and impact. He proceeded to work at various AdTech startups in New York leading sales teams and helping to build culture.  

Brett met Charlie and Deb in 2012, during the very first Gray Scalable client engagement where they helped scale the Dstillery sales team while simultaneously iterating and developing the business model for embedded recruiting:

“My experience working with Charlie & Deb was instrumental in my success as a sales leader. They helped to educate me on what a smart, successful recruiting process is, taking the time to understand the values and culture of the org and how to represent them in market. They helped me hire a stellar team and even when they were no longer engaged with us, the team and our hiring managers continued to benefit from having worked with them. Being able to speak first hand to the value they, and Gray Scalable’s model, can bring to a client is a great asset in my current role.”  


Brett’s favorite part of being at Gray Scalable:  

“I enjoy working with such a talented and passionate group of people, who all share the same values of putting our clients first and taking pride in our ability to help impact a company’s growth. It’s also incredibly exciting to get exposure to such a diverse group of industries, companies, and leaders that are shaping our world.”

Brett looks forward to growing and scaling the Gray Scalable org the same way we do for our clients.


Some fun facts about Brett:

Brett was born in Brooklyn, raised in Connecticut, and after long stints in SF and Manhattan, found his way back to BK. He’s passionate about travel and seeing as much of the world as possible. Brett’s last major trip was an eight month sabbatical through India and Nepal highlighted by an Everest Base Camp trip and a ten day silent meditation retreat. He loves Leonard Cohen and is trying to learn to play guitar (again).

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