The Holidays Unplugged

It’s beginning to look a lot like downtime…

In today’s tech world, it’s so often that employees struggle letting go, winding down, checking out and truly taking a break over the holidays - over any vacation for that matter. It’s important to take some time, to really unplug and enjoy the time off for you, for your loved ones and also for your company. Check out these tricks from some of the Gray Scalable team to help you unplug, unwind and come back to work recharged after the holidays:  


Create strict time windows to check in -  

“On my time off, the weekends, on holidays, I sign off. I don’t look at email, I use the time to unplug and separate, and I am really conscious about blocking off my time to take the break, recharge and reset.

I found that this helps me, versus constantly staying “on” all the time. If I really take the time to step away and clear my mind, I’m able to go back to work with a new, refreshed and different perspective on various tasks. It forces me to step back and stop going down the same path over and over again. It’s more valuable to really walk away, and give yourself the break. Take time for yourself and your family, separate from work and actively remind yourself to chill out.”

- Katie Moriarty, Recruiting Consultant


Prepare ahead of time to stay organized -

“Make a list of what you need to do to feel like you can actually unplug. You already know your day to day, so try figuring out what you can do ahead of time to clear your schedule for a week or a few days. Apart from your weekly to-do list, make a few item list of actual deliverables to know that you work is taken care during the time you’re taking off. Being preemptive about it - whether that means making sure you have someone to cover you, or a certain task or two is done ahead of time, it’s helpful to know that you can actually take the time without falling behind.

Set aside one or two days before getting back to work, to look at what’s ahead and get your mindset organized. It’s nice to know what’s ahead, you’re getting your head ready for what’s coming when you get back into the office.”

- Angelica Martinez, Sourcing Consultant


Try something new -

“Try to do something over the holidays that’s the opposite of what you’re normally doing. Try a new class, or a craft or baking - something that will put you in a different mindset than when you’re at the office, working. It should be something that requires you to focus on something that’s not work related. This will recharge you by exercising a totally different part of your brain, and yourself than usual.”

- Lucia Smith, Human Resources Consultant


Take time to reflect -

“How I like to unwind over the holidays is similar to how I like to unwind at the end of the week. I like to take time to reflect on everything that’s happened to bring the week or the year to a nice close. I do this to feel at peace with what’s happened throughout the year.

Just last year, I started a new way to reflect on the previous year. I found that I never really stuck with goals, or new year’s resolutions, so I liked the idea of taking some time to think about a word as a nice way to start the year. Last year’s word was create. I wanted to rethink what’s possible in life, and I thought create would be a great reminder that you can create new concepts, practices and ideas.”

- Elise Sun, Sourcing Consultant


Take time for yourself over the holidays to relax and recharge, come back to work in the new year with more energy and new ideas for the new year!